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The Alignment Cookbook 2

The Alignment Cookbook 2

The Institut Louis Bachelier is launching the second edition of “The Alignment Cookbook” authored by Julie Raynaud with the support of the ILB Labs. This report offers an in-depth review of current frameworks, methods, and tools for assessing portfolio and financial institution alignment.

You can read the full Alignment Cookbook 2 here.


The launch is paired with a sensitivity analysis report led by Dr. Vincent Bouchet, ESG Director at Scientific Portfolio, an EDHEC Venture. “Implied Temperature Rise of Equity Portfolios: A Sensitivity Analysis Framework” will offer quantitative insight into the effect of design decisions on implied temperature rise (ITR) metrics. Alignment methodologies vary widely in design, data inputs, and outcomes. Dr. Bouchet’s new tool will help stakeholders identify influential design factors (like choice of benchmark, trajectory modeling, and under/overshoot translation into ITR) that significantly influence discrepancies. This will support data-based standardization conversations. 

You can read the full report here.

Both reports are integral to the Consolidated Alignment Performance Analytics (CAPA) research project, conducted by the Institut Louis Bachelier Labs in collaboration with Scientific Portfolio, an EDHEC Venture and sponsored by the French environmental agency ADEME and Climate Arc.

You can watch the full replay of the launch webinar for Cookbook 2 here.

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