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About PARC


PARC is a research and data collaboration hub designed to make sustainable Finance a key response to the global climate change and sustainability challenges. Through its founders and thanks to the ILB and its partners, PARC main objective is to foster a collaborative research ecosystem to produce applied research and robust tools and modelling to boost the transition pathway of financial institutions and deliver innovative solutions to meet the Paris Agreement’s goals.

Structured in the form of a is a non-profit and independent foundation under the aegis of the “Fondation du Risque” together with its co-founders (Institut Louis Bachelier, ADEME, Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, European Climate Foundation (ECF), The French Treasury and Institut des actuaires) PARC aims to drive innovation and excellence in research outputs for building the case of sustainable finance. We believe it is key to support the Paris Agreement ambitions with concrete, robust and accessible science based sustainable finance related solutions, tools and benchmark that are indisputable in the context of increasing debate and push-back in the fight against climate change. 

Parc Team

Bertrand Badré - Chairmanship - PARCBertrand BadréChairmanship
Natacha Valla - Vice President - PARCNatacha VallaVice President
Jean Berthon - Vice President - PARCJean BerthonVice President
Stéphane Voisin - Coordinator - PARCStéphane VoisinCoordinator
Peter Tankov - Scientific Director - PARCPeter TankovScientific Director
Capucine Nobletz - Postdoctoral Researcher - PARCCapucine NobletzPostdoctoral Researcher
Adrien Ferrand - Sustainable Finance Analyst - PARCAdrien FerrandSustainable Finance Analyst
Nestor ToromanSustainable Finance Analyst
Gabriel Plantier - Research Associate - PARCGabriel PlantierResearch Associate
Thibaud Barreau - Pladifes Coordinator - PARCThibaud BarreauPladifes Coordinator
Mohamed Fahmoui - Data Engineer - PARCMohamed FahmouiData Engineer
Hamada Saleh - Data Scientist - PARCHamada SalehData Scientist
Raphaël LebelRaphaël LebelManaging Director of the Sustainable Finance Observatory
Raphaël TranSustainable finance officer at the Sustainable Finance Observatory
Edouard VilpouxResearch and advocacy manager at the Sustainable Finance Observatory


PARC guiding principles are integrity, interdisciplinary collaboration, scientific rigor and innovation inclusivity. Its governance consists of two separate committees:

A Strategic Advisory Board chaired by Bertrand Badré gathering representatives from the founders and key members with a goal to define and drive the overall PARC strategy.

A Scientific Committee chaired by Pierre-Louis Lions with a dual membership that guarantees the adequacy of the research work with the needs of professionals:

  • an academic college with representatives of the main French research centres on sustainable finance.
  • a practitioner’s college with representatives of public and private financial institutions.

Download the Academic & Expert panels list here.