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The 15th edition of the Financial Risks International Forum (Risks Forum) took place on March 21-22, 2022 at CCI Paris. The Risks Forum is an International Research Forum for academics and professionals organised every year by the Institut Louis Bachelier. The event aims to highlight the methodological and regulatory challenges following the ongoing developments in financial technologies.

During the Risks Forum, around 100 speakers discussed challenges and solutions related to Climate Risk and Green Transition in the financial sector.

We invite you to watch 10 interviews, done in collaboration with L’AGEFI, that present ​​​​​​​a sample of the leading experts who contributed to the 2022 edition of the Risks Forum. 


Peter TANKOV, CREST, ENSAE, IP Paris, and Green and Sustainable Finance (GSF) Programme, Institut Louis Bachelier (GSF ILB) - Access to Data in Sustainable Finance

Stanislas Pottier – Senior Advisor to the General Management of Amundi - How Paris Financial Center Can Coordinate on Climate Action

Irene Monasterolo (EDHEC) – EDHEC Business School and EDHEC-Risk Institute - Cascading Climate Financial Risks

Marie BRIÈRE, Chairwoman of the Scientific Committee, Financial Risks International Forum - Risks Forum 2022

Stefano GIGLIO, Professor of Finance, Yale School of Management- Portfolio with Climate Risk Coverage

Christian GOLLIER, Managing Director, Toulouse School of Economics - Acceleration of the Green Transition

Louis BERTUCCI, Scientific Coordinator, Finance and Insurance Reloaded (FaIR) Programme, Institut Louis Bachelier (FaIR ILB) - Environmental Impact of Bitcoin Mining

André Lévy-Lang, Président de l’Institut Louis Bachelier- Risks Forum and Financial Sector

Laurent CLERC, Director for Research and Risk Analysis, Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR)- Climate Macro and Financial Supervision

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Watch the replay and read the web article with the key findings of the Risks Forum 2022.