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The objective is to conduct a series of studies on indicators that allow financial institutions (institutional investors, asset managers, and individual savers) to measure the alignment of financial portfolios with the Paris Agreement and in particular those which make it possible, more particularly, to express this alignment by means of a simplified comparative aggregated indicator known as an “asset thermometer”. In a second part, the goal is to develop a methodological guide for investors wishing to align their portfolios with the long-term objectives of the Paris Agreement and take into account climate risks (physical and transition) in their investment strategies, and, where appropriate, in their management of financial risks, with a view to enhance the French and EU regulatory frameworks. Finally, we question the adequacy of this indicator in the context of its application at different scales, alignment methodologies being used by a growing number of financial institutions as part of their annual reporting in application of article 173 and within the framework of the progressive implementation of the European Commission action plan on sustainable finance.